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Do you have the energy to do what you love?

Imagine if you could shed the things that are not yours & un-become all of the things you feel pressured to be.

Do you... (1)

Guess what, it’s not your fault. When you were born, you were already your highest self. But over time different things such as society, religion, & family structures influence how you interact in the world.  You may even think it’s the only way you can live.

Do you know what it would be like to live authentically?

Imagine if you could:


When we are not being true to ourselves in some way, we get stuck and we experience pain. It’s how we know when we’re “off course”…and we all have different paths. The world is changing and you probably just haven’t been given the little nuggets of information that you need to make a change.

2 Tools have helped me the most – Human Design and Essential Oils


HUMAN DESIGN gives you permission to Be YOU!

Human Design is a tool to help you unbecome all of the the things you feel pressured to be or do.

It helps you let go of what is not yours and fully be yourself so that you can live a life with more ease & self-love.



ESSENTIAL OILS are natural, safe and magical in my opinion.

Essential Oils are helpful tools for so many facets of Human Design. When you are going through the process of learning new things, letting go and transforming it can be hard.

Essential Oils have been so helpful to me for daily support of things like energy, health, emotions, and getting enough sleep.



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